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Please visit us at the following shows:


New York International Gift Fair (February & August):
Javits Main Floor, #3540

Atlanta Gift Show (January & July):
Simblist Group, Americasmart, Building 2, 16th floor, #1621

Dallas Gift Show (January & June):
World Trade Center, Ivystone #236


California Gift Show (January & July):
Fine Lines, LA Mart #449

Toronto Gift Show (January & August):
David Youngson, International Centre, Hall 2, Booth #2116

Seattle Gift Show (January & August):
Susie Gildea Group, Seattle Mart #205


Las Vegas Gift Show (January & August):
Fine Lines, Las Vegas Market, Showrooms C1024-C1036

Minneapolis Mart (March & August):
Twist, 10301 Bren Road West, Minnetonka, #G436

Denver Mart (February & August):
United Giftware, 451 E 58th Avenue, Denver, #M1229-1234

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